Money through blog is still possible

Money through blog is still possible

Lots of people dream of creating their blogs, putting content, becoming a hit and start to make lots of money with their little work. That was a possible option some years back, but these days, having a content that is giving you some bucks is not simple, you need to have an effective plan.

The good news is that you can make money through blogging even in 2018. They will require you to put some effort and work. The bigger the effort, the better the income you expect. To promote your blog or website, you can hire our SEO Service.

Tips to create money using blogs

Create a service website

You can use your  business relevant theme sites as a great way of showcasing your expertise while attracting new leads. As the name suggests, this type of theme is one that is made to promote your business. The service websites are simple to monetize in that;

You can pocket all the profits: since you are promoting your service, it means there will be no added cost when paying other people.

Establishing a relationship with your visitor: most of the blogs do not promote their services. They instead educate visitors regarding topics they find interesting and also use the opportunity to engage their customers, leading to a better relationship.

Come up with product and advertise

Here, you are not using your blog to market your services; instead, you want to market the product you created. Online courses and eBooks are perfect examples of the type of goods you can market with this site.  The upside of someone reading your blog is that the chances are that they are already interested in your products. This also means that chance of turning the visitors into customers is also high.

Start an affiliate blog

It is similar to those based on products and services. The only difference is that you will not promote your products but those of third parties using links. Every time someone makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale or a fixed fee for their marketing effort.

These types of sites are common for various reasons;

They have low barrier entry: often, anyone can start their site and use it to promote third-party products in any way they see fit. Technically, you just need a web host, a domain and then you start writing.


Most people think that blogging is not a serious thing. They are wrong. If you are willing to have a reliable business model, there is no reason why a blog wouldn’t be a reliable source of income. If you have promotional sites (blogs) list then, please send us through our contact us page. We will try to promote your business with respect to some commission.

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