Why all about Link Building to promote Website?

Why all about Link Building to promote Website?

Link building is highly popular subject to achieve the aim. Yes, it is still expensive, needs hard work, dedication and passion with full efforts. It is subject to accomplish smartly else negative outputs may pop out. Whatever you do today under it, you will get the results within one to three months. So, why all about link building to promote website? The simple answer is all the major engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and many more gives the ranking to a website in its search engine result pages according to its relationship. It is  meant that the number of relationship your website had with other competitor websites, the more chance to get higher rankings.

Today, millions of websites and blogs are running over the internet but, everyone doing hard work to achieve the best results. Whenever you are planning to setup a commercial website or blog then, it will be your preliminary step to learn how to do perfect SEO (marketing) which includes content writing, link building, email marketing, on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

Why Link Building is essential part?

It is essential step due to reason of whatever other stuffs you are completing for your website, it will be useless without it. For example, you created a blog with perfect look and published more than 100 high quality contents. Also you did lots of social media marketing and other off-page optimization techniques to market your website. You may get result of the overall process through direct or referral traffic but, you will not get organic traffic till you didn't completed link building work for your website. So, it will be your next step to search and select best similar blogs or websites as much as possible and publish high quality original contents on unique topics over there. On each high quality content, you can put up-to two links to your website on particular words (we can say it keywords).

How to select website or blog for link building?

You need to check only those sites who are relevant to your website theme. Also you need to select those sites who had Domain Authority above 30 and Page Authority above 30 with Trust Flow and Citation Flow above 15. It will be considered as high quality website to promote your website. It is also important that you never exceeded more link building only rather than other things of SEO else your site may be penalized by search engines.

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