4 Effective SEO Link Building Strategies for 2017

4 Effective SEO Link Building Strategies for 2017

Link building is the gold mine for SEO. Even with the numerous changes to the search engines algorithms, it has remained an important search engine optimization strategy. This is because SEO link building provides two main advantages. First, it provides a source for direct organic traffic to your site. Secondly, it allows you to rank higher in the search engine results by passing authority to your site. When search engines crawlers find a link in a quality and highly popular site, they follow it to the linked site and associate that site as an authority on the subject. This gives your website an advantage because the ranking of results is done based on authority and relevancy. The more quality back links you get the higher rank you will have. There are several strategies for getting back links. The challenge is using a strategy that gets you quality back links with no penalties. Here are some tips to use this year.


1. Guest blogging

This is the most common way of creating back links to your site. It involves you offering an article to a popular blog or news site. In the article, you can have an anchor text that links back to a related and relevant article on your site. Most sites that allow guest blogging also offer you a chance to have a link to your main site on the bio.


2. Sponsored guest posting

Closely related to guest blogging is sponsored guest posting. The only difference here is, you pay a website to feature an article that links back to your site. This method has been frowned upon by search engines who feel it is an attempt to cheat the algorithms and earn undue authority. As such, they require the site that gets paid to provide the link with a no follow and indicate the article was sponsored. While this may deny you the authority that comes with back-linking, it still offers you great traffic and brand mentions giving you better visibility.


3. Great content

All your efforts to get back links will count for nothing if you do not have great content. The content has to be unique and offer insights into your business, industry trends or new information. Try having studies, expert analysis and great reviews on your page since such content tends to be linked and used as a resource elsewhere. Great content earns you natural links where you do not have to source for external links, it just happens.


4. Local partnerships

This is a great strategy for small businesses whose target market resides in a specific location. Forming partnerships such as sponsoring events, participating in competitions, getting interviews and features in local blogs and news sites is an effective strategy. This will get you many quality backlinks within your niche industry and product mentions in platforms many in your target market will be found.

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